Welcome to A State of Mind

Welcome to A State of Mind

Welcome to A State of MindWelcome to A State of MindWelcome to A State of Mind

world changing conversations, one conversation at a time

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A State of Mind features in depth conversations with people doing extraordinary work in the world. Themes include meditation and mindfulness, non-dual spirituality, psychedelics, psychology, and eudomainia or genuine happiness and in general how to co-create a more loving and thriving world. 

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Today's Featured Episode:


#29 - Herbal Medicine: Heart, Mind & Planet with Brigitte Mars   Julian and Brigitte discuss plants, herbal medicines, nutrition and the immense connection between diet and mental health. Brigitte shares about her life long love of plants and herbs and her inspiring work to make positive changes for the health of our planet.    Brigitte is the author of 14 books & numerous articles, she has taught workshops on herbalism around the world and has been a professor at Naropa University for over 30 years.


"Gives me hope and encouragement for the future of my profession to have such well trained and brilliant people addressing both medical care delivery as a direct provider of services as well as looking at the whole picture." - Dr. Michael E Norins, MD


Upcoming Episodes Featuring:

Carol Merchasin - lawyer, author and principal investigator into allegations of abuse in the Shambhala Buddhist organization

Erric Solomon, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, long time meditator and now teacher, co-author of Radically Happy, he studied AI at MIT and completed a traditional three year meditation retreat https://radicallyhappy.org

Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph. D., senior Shambhala teacher, writer, professor, speaker, Judith has been at the forefront of mindfulness and contemplative education for over 40 years. Author of  Dakini's Warm Breath

Carla Clements, Ph. D., professor Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University

Itai Ivtzan, Ph. D., author, mindfulness teacher, professor Mindfulness based Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University https://www.awarenessisfreedom.com

Christopher Sunyata - Sexual Yoga Instructor and Sexuality Coach,  http://www.sunyata.info

Leslie Rogers, Relationship Coach, teacher, author, founder of the Light and Dark Institute, http://www.lightdarkinstitute.com 

Dan Michaels, MA LPCC, Hakomi and PACT therapist, http://danmichels.com/about/

Dr. Ananya Harvey, tantra and integrated sexuality coach, https://www.thenextlevellove.com

Tyler Cates, professionally trained, Grammy-nominated musician https://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2016/12/22/q-a-tyler-cates-talks-collaboration-taste.html

Phil Stanley, Ph. D - Buddhist scholar, translator, professor, Dean and founding member of the Nitartha Institute for Advanced Buddhist Studies, Co-Director of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon Catalog UVA, Vice-Chair of the International Association of Buddhist Universities.

Steven Johnson, MA, author, translator, poet, political activist, crypto specialist

Steven Newman - Founder of Mahatma Productions, guitarist, music producer, laser wizard, graphic design and visionary artist, https://www.mahatmaproductions.com

more coming soon


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